Step into the vibrant realm of motion graphics where imagination and design intertwine. As a Graphic Designer and Illustrator hailing from British Columbia, I invite you to explore my curated collection of animated wonders. With an adept command of Adobe Creative Suite, including After Effects, I infuse life into illustrations, crafting captivating narratives that dance and breathe. From character chronicles to brand stories, each animation is a testament to my dedication to visual storytelling. Join me in celebrating the synergy of creativity and motion as we embark on a journey through characters, concepts, and dreams taking flight.

Motion Advertisement

Kamloops Film Festival

As the Marketing and Design Coordinator at the Kamloops Film Society, I crafted a vibrant motion graphic animation for the 2024 Kamloops Film Festival. Utilizing Illustrator and After Effects, this piece captivates on YouTube, social media, and theater screens. It seamlessly blends creativity with strategic marketing, showcasing my proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and commitment to enhancing cultural events in our community.

Fun Film Facts

Kamloops Film Society

For this project, I created an engaging video to share a fun fact about an upcoming film at the Kamloops Film Society. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, I carefully cut and edited a compelling clip from the film, enhancing its flow, audio, and visuals.
To add a creative touch, I used Adobe After Effects to animate text and graphics that highlighted the fun fact. The result was a seamless blend of live-action and animation, designed to captivate and inform the audience.
This video, shared on Meta social media, successfully promoted the film screening, showcasing my skills in video editing and animation while effectively engaging viewers.

Brand Animation

Pinsomnia Designs

Bringing the captivating world of Pinsomnia Designs to life, I had the pleasure of animating their distinctive logo with a touch of enchantment. Crafted with creativity and passion, the logo, designed by the talented artisan at Pinsomnia Designs, exudes the essence of their exquisite enamel pins. A highlight of this project was the bubble lettering, which danced with vibrancy and whimsy, reflecting the heart of Pinsomnia Designs’ artistic spirit.  It was a joy to translate Pinsomnia Designs’ vision into a dynamic visual experience, celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship that define their enchanting creations.

Brand Animation

Kamloops Last Week

In this vibrant animation created using Adobe After Effects, I brought to life the essence of Kamloops Last Week, a captivating weekly videocast that showcases insightful interviews with local businesses and politicians, all hosted by the esteemed local newspaper, Kamloops This Week. Drawing upon my skills as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, I crafted each element in Adobe Illustrator, infusing them with distinctive character and style and transitioning to After Effects. This project merges my passion for design, animation, and community storytelling, reflecting my dedication to delivering impactful visual experiences.

Character Animation

Skater Fella

Embark on a vibrant journey through my latest animation, where a world of motion and imagination collide. Starting with a hand-drawn depiction of a young skater, meticulously transformed into a vector illustration with the finesse of Adobe Illustrator, I seamlessly transported this lively character into the dynamic realm of After Effects. Enter the scene, DUIK Angela, a tool that lent its magic to the canvas, breathing movement, personality, and energy into the skater. As he glides through a kaleidoscope of colors, the neighborhood becomes a canvas of joy, each frame pulsating with the exhilaration of skating. This animation is a testament to the seamless fusion of design and technology, capturing the very essence of childhood delight and urban vibrance. Join me in celebrating the artistry of motion as we traverse this captivating landscape where creativity knows no bounds.

Brand Animation

Kamloops This Week

Behold the dynamic transformation of the Kamloops This Week logo, where the essence of a newspaper springs to life through animation. With the finesse of Adobe After Effects, I orchestrated a mesmerizing dance that captures the very essence of flipping through pages. Every fluttering motion is meticulously choreographed to mimic the pages of a newspaper being turned, evoking a tactile sense of familiarity. This animation not only magnifies the logo’s visual appeal but also ingeniously echoes the medium it represents—news, stories, and unfolding narratives. Watch as the logo elegantly transforms, a tribute to the journalistic spirit that Kamloops This Week embodies. Through this animated rendition, I’ve seamlessly blended design, technology, and storytelling, underscoring my dedication to crafting visuals that breathe life into concepts.

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